The Jornal das Oficinas will hold the Plateau TV initiative for the fourth consecutive year at the expoMECÂNICA Hall, an event whose reception and interest on the part of visitors to the hall has been increasing year by year.

For this edition, the themes are being chosen taking into account the subjects that most raise doubts and interest generate aftermarket professionals, namely in the area of ​​car maintenance and repair.

For three days, we shared with the audience the opinions of experts in key areas of automotive after-sales, from repair to the parts trade, through new technologies and mobility in the future.

This event, which will take place for the fourth consecutive year, is an important forum for debating the most current topics in the after-sales sector in Portugal.

It's a concern of Jornal das Oficinas to choose subjects that will allow entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector to learn about the new realities of after-sales and their impact on the business of the workshops, namely with regard to "electrification" and "hybridization" , access to vehicle technical information, connectivity and mobility, among other topics of great importance for the future of car maintenance and repair companies.

Jornal das Oficinas intends to go further in its annual initiative, providing participants with the opportunity to have more information and innovative tools that allow them to be more prepared and confident to face the future.

In this sense, all debates and interviews will be accompanied by the Jornal das Oficinas, which will disseminate online and on the pages of the print edition, everything that is most important presented during the days of the event, allowing everyone to have access to the speakers' opinions guests, even if not visiting the salon.

To support our line of thought, we are preparing a program aimed at presenting and discussing the topics considered to be the most relevant.

To this end, we count on the presence of a notable range of invited speakers for the different panels, which speaks well of the great interest that is attributed by the various personalities to this initiative, recognized as one of the great events of expoMECÂNICA and considered a unique initiative in the panorama of the national aftermarket.

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